NEW VIDEO ALERT: Ellie Goulding “Lights” (Bassnectar Remix)

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Ellie Goulding is already on to her sixth single off her debut album, Lights in the UK & recording her next CD. But here in the States, things have just been getting HOT for the 24-year-old songstress. Goulding’s LP was released on March 8 via Cherrytree, with additional tracks “Lights,” “Your Song” and “Animal” added on. Below is her kick ass new video to her single, Lights above is the cover of Ellie’s U.S. release, Lights (which you can purchase HERE).

Bassnectar took UK’s pop sensation Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” into a new direction. The once sweet, light pop song now sounds “deep and hypnotic and churning with sub bass”. It has heavy dubstep beats that make the song much more kick ass than it is. TODAY, Miss Goulding released a delicious video to accompany it.  Watch below:

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