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I love a good mashUP and what I love even more are two good mashUPS that are FREE. Thank You Marc Johnce for always delivering them. Oh and to boot there are two videos to go along with them, LUV … Continue reading

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NEW MASHUP ALERT: DJ EARWORM “United State of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom)”

Everything but Lady Gaga and LMFAO works in this song, that is only because I despise both of them. DJ Earworm has changed up his yearly Top 25 recap, this year his list is not consisted of the actual year … Continue reading

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Dear God and Heaven up above this is the shit and off the hook… Check it as Urban Noize has done it again: Tweet

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It’s simple actually, you put MC Hammer vs Eurythmics vs New Order vs Talking Heads vs Donna Summer = LOVE THIS SHIT NOW! Newest Faroff mashup & I love it to deathsies. Click below for the download and video to bring … Continue reading

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NEW MASHUP MIXTAPE: The Abrahammer Presents: How Dubstep Music Destroyed My Life

This is AMAZING, do not FRONT and grab it now from the source. If not, stream it below, you will not be disappointed… TRUST Tweet

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NEW MASHUP ALERT: Mochi Beats “Raging Levels”

14 tracks mashed below into 1 delicious remix that will be on my run playlist courtesy of Mochi Beats. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK U!!!!! Tweet

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NEW MASHUP ALERT: Notorious B.I.G. + Dolly Parton “Notorious Jolene” (By Mochi Beats)

Some of my favorite mixes lately have been coming from Mochi Beats. So when I just popped over to his site and saw this little gem I nearly shit myself. Dear God my favorite Dolly Parton track, Jolene mashed together with … Continue reading

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NEW MASHUP ALERT: Ellie Goulding “All Of The Lights” By: The Hood Internet

Everyone that knows us, knows we LOVE LOVE LOVE The Ellie Goulding more than a paraplegic loves limbs. So this morning while on the crapper, doing my morning reads, she tweeted this little gem of a mashup/remix from the Hood … Continue reading

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