A Korean Odyssey – Asian Drama

A Korean Odyssey is an Asian drama which is released in 2017. The story of A Korean Odyssey revolves around a woman who can see otherworldy spirits, specially a self-serving mythical creature who is on a mercy of the woman. The drama story is adapted from the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West,” but the story is little twisted to modern days and hasa romantic- fantasy twist.

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  • Native title: 화유기
  • Also Known as: Hwayugi;Hwayuki
  • Screenwriters: Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran
  • Directors: Park Hong Kyun, Kim Jung Hyun
  • Genres: Horror, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Drama starts with some great element then turns upside down of something which can be express in words, but you don’t want to admit it. After watching the 16th Episode of A Korean Odyssey I realised that it’s not worth the watch however I kept watching the episodes.

User Review:

Chen xhai Says:

“I love the “when I saw you” ost. It’s not a common background music. Its upbeat makes it unique and catchy. I had LSS because of it. The story line, the effects, and the delivery of lines is really awesome. Y Also, the acting of each character is so great. You could really distinguish the character whom they are portraying. This is my first time commenting outside facebook with regards to a kdrama. Furthermore, you give justice to the Journey to the West, which I love. You deserve a high rating. ❤ More power and may you have an awesome finale. Saranghae.”