A Poem a Day

A Poem a Day is the story of lives of people who work at hospital such as radiologist, nurses, physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, medical trainees etc.

Ye Jae Wook who works as a physical therapists and also teaches the same to his students. He works in a hospital as a team leader. Woo Bo Young is an another doctor who works as a physical therapist for almost 3 years. She has some different hobbies, she wanted to become a poet, but she is from a poor family background so decided to become a physical therapist. Shin Min Ho is a trainee, who actually not interested in a physical therapy. His grades are not good for a medical student and his parents who both are doctors, wanted him to study physical therapy.

  • Native title: 시를 잊은 그대에게
  • Also Known as: Shireul Izeun Geudaeege , You Who Forgot Poetry
  • Directors: Han Sang Jae
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Medical
  • Tags: Love Triangle, Poetry, Hospital, Physical Therapist

User review:

I’ve fallen so hard for Doctor Ye character! He might as well become my favorite Kdrama male lead (if he IS the lead that is). He’s rough but not your typical asshole gone good later character and he treats our female lead so well <3 He hasn’t been mean to anyone without a reason even once! But he’s also not the angel like too nice to be true character that you often see as second leads. His character is just written perfectly imo <3

I really don’t want to see her and Min Ho together. Min Ho is so bland and mean to Bo Young. I really like the actor (he’s an awesome actor) but not the character he’s playing here. At least not for Bo Young. I hope he will realize his wrongdoings and become a better person but still not get the girl. Maybe get recognition from his parents. That would be a good outcome for his character (but please not the girl!). Or meet someone else and treating her better this time from the beginning.

Please please please let Doctor Ye get the girl! I will be so mad otherwise.