Are No Deposit Bonuses a scam?

At some point or another, any online casino player has wondered if any casino deal like no deposit bonuses they are taking up is a scam or not. The reason is that nothing in life is free, and neither are online casinos with bonus offers.

Of course, knowing what each casino bonus out there means and entails, is one of the most important steps an online gambler must take.

Today, we are exploring the theme of no deposit bonuses and whether they are too good to be true. You can find more information about no deposit bonuses online.

What are no deposit bonuses?

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are generally a sign-up bonus offer provided to new player registrations. It’s essentially a freebie designed to get players to sign up and to eventually make a deposit. 

We say ‘generally’, because the truth of the matter is, that no deposit bonuses are not solely provided to new sign-ups. They can be awarded to existing players for their loyalty too. Generally speaking though, they are an incentive designed to attract new players.

What the no deposit bonus entails depends on the casino and can vary in size, shape, or form. You can either receive a number of free spins on a qualifying slot game or else, bonus cash for you to spend on any casino games such as Blackjack.  If you receive the bonus cash, bear in mind that this is not withdrawable cash but casino money.

No deposit bonuses are not exempt from terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements, caps on winnings, and maximum betting amongst others.

So now that you know what no deposit bonuses are, are they a scam?

Is it too good to be true?

No Deposit Bonuses

Nope, it’s absolutely not a scam and we’ll tell you why. For starters, no deposit bonuses are given away for free. You are not obliged in any way to make a deposit or supply your payment methods. If you are asked to supply a payment method, we suggested you look up a different no deposit casino as that might be fraudulent.

In general, no deposit casinos never ask for payment details. You will only be asked to supply your personal details in order to complete the registration process. Only when you are happy with the experience and would like to play with real money, will you be asked to make a deposit.

In essence, no deposit bonuses are a fantastic way to test drive a casino without putting your own funds on the line. They give you the chance to play games for free, and if Lady Luck is smiling upon you, you might just walk away as a winner.

Pay close attention to the wagering requirements and other terms that come with your no deposit bonus to make sure that you get the best possible experience.

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