B: The Beginning’ Season 2 Release Date On Netflix

The season one of ‘B: The Beginning’ has already enjoyed by the anime community on Netflix. There are many other anime series on Netflix such as AICO incarnation. As now season one of B: The Beginning has ended on Netflix, Fans are starter asking “When will B: The Beginning season 2 release on Netflix?” or “Will B: The Beginning be renewed for season 2 on Netflix?

In this post I am going to provide the answer for all your queries. Bet we before I answer your queries let us know what exactly is B: The Beginning?

B: The Beginning is an anime series originally by Netflix that tells the story of a police investigator named  Keith Flick. He rejoined the police force but as a serial killer, with the name of “B”. The series is full of suspense, crime and violence. If you love suspense shows or violence drama then you are highly recommend to watch B: The Beginning.


B: The Beginning Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

As for now, B: The Beginning has only one season on Netflix. The season consists of 12 and a half hour episodes. Netflix users have already completed watching all the 12 episodes of B: The Beginning, now the question is “Will there be a second episode of B; The Beginning?”. For now there is no official statement by Netflix regarding the renewal of B: The Beginning for season 2. But we 100% sure that there will be second season of B: The Beginning on Netflix.

When Will B: The Beginning be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?’

To answer this question we need to check and consider how Netflix handle the release of seasons of similar shows. We can find the pattern by looking at other series releases.

In the past it has been our observation that there was a gap of 8 month period between seasons of something similar to B: The Beginning.

If Netflix follow the same pattern for B: The Beginning than we can predict the release of season 2 for B: The Beginning by winter 2018.

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