The Great Seducer (2018) – Asian Drama

“Great Seducer” is about a relationship between young men and women with a very dangerous path. Often they didn’t realise that they are giving up their lives, while they risk their beauty of romance in their twenties. The show is loosely based on the old classical French novel “Les Liaisons dangereuses”

I agree that the drama and the writers are quite good however the cast need to be a little good. The current cast lose a lot about the drama. The story is quite mature, handling the conflicts of the target audience.

Some K-Drama fans are complaining about the show and the rating is decreasing every week however you need to understand that “The Great Seducer” is not for everyone, it is mainly targeted the rich teenage audience. So do not go by the ratings, instead watch it understand.

  • Native title: 위대한 유혹자
  • Also Known as: Untold Scandal;Love Game: The Great Seduction;The Great Seduction;Dangerous Liaisons;The Great Tempter;widaehan yoohokja;Tempted
  • Screenwriters: Kim Bo Yeon
  • Directors: Kang In
  • Genres: Friendship, Romance, Drama, Melodrama

User Review:

Ceki from Mydramalist says:

This is NOT Cruel Intentions, this is Great Seducer – a Korean drama. And if you have watched Kdramas in the past then you should know that they would never ever make a 18+ drama with making out, masturbating, French kissing, and fucking. Not to mention hardcore revenge. All they can do is make a fluffy and spicy flick like this one because that’s how far they are allowed to go.

And this drama is obviously too fluffy. If you want realistic and mature – go check out My Mister.

And aren’t you tired of attacking people on all currently airing Kdrama comment sections? Don’t get surprised when 10+ users report you for annoying them.