Is Black Panther on Kodi?

One of the most trending movie right now isBlack Panther. Despite lots of controversies against Black Panther it still manages to become to highest grossing movie of the year. Black Panther crosses 700 Million globally becoming the first every movie to make such amount in the second weekend. Many Black Panther now want to watch the movie again on streaming sites such as Kodi, Netflix, Hulu etc. We are closely tracking all the streaming sites whether Black Panther is available on Kodi? Let’s find out.

Note: We never encourage you to watch the movie in Kodi illegally, there are many ways you can watch the movie legally in kodi.

Is Black Panther available on Kodi?

The answer is YES! it is available on Kodi, however that’s from illegal sources such as exodus, Placenta add-ons. But if you ask whether it is available legally, then NO the movie is not available on Kodi from legal sources. So you have to wait for the release. Even Netflix is planning to add Black Panther on their platform by the end of October, 2018.