Buffalo spirit


Buffalo Spirit is an online video slot machine produced by Williams Interactive. Although it is widely claimed to be the “leader” in the world of online slots, other slot games have since appeared on the market with varying quality and/or effectiveness. The majority of players who frequent online slots would rate Buffalo Spirit as “okay”, but some are still not so sure, calling it “not good enough”. So what is the problem with Buffalo Spirit?

Buffalo Spirit operates on a very simple principle: you play on a progressive machine and after you place your money, the wheel will rotate the number of coins that come out. The more coins that come out, the higher your chances of winning. This is the basic formula of any casino game, except that Buffalo Spirit adds a factor of luck when dealing out coins. The random number generator of a computer program used by the company to develop this slot machine was responsible for this “free spin” feature. Although some players may claim that luck is still involved, it should not be much of a concern because of the high payout amounts in Buffalo Spirit.

In recent years, Buffalo Spirit has seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the release of the popular movie “Gran Torino”. The film was based on the true story of a blind Spanish gold miner who left his home in search of gold in the Western part of the US. The journey took him through many mines and finally ended up in a town called Galesburg. Although it is not the main subject of the film, the gold rush is the inspiration for the game, and the machine is named after the famous scene in which a man “falls for a snake” (a reference to the popular casino game known as “snake eyes”).

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