Faust is a casino game which involves five reels and 10 payout lines made by Novomatic casino software. This game borrows its theme from a famous German author, Goethe whose name means “faithful love”. This online game also takes its theme from a famous German novel, written by Goethe. This free online slot game promises to deliver much more than other free slot games available online.

One way to play the game and earn more points is by playing Faust with a low volatility paytable. Players who are familiar with playing with a higher volatility payable may find this a little tricky since their chances of winning are not as high as other players. The lower volatility pays off in that it increases your winnings slightly but you will still need to use some discretion when selecting your line. Be sure to carefully choose your reel and machine before betting and only use a machine with a high volatility paytable to ensure you get positive results.

Another way to win in the game is to bet big on a single symbol or sequence of symbols. In this game winning has everything to do with combinations. There are a total of 9 symbols used in the game with each symbol representing one of the pairs of spades. The game is played on a nine vertical line bordered by three horizontal lines. The winning sequence will always be a number four or five, followed by another number six, seven, and eight followed by another symbol. These symbols are all related to each other so it is easy to see that there are certain sequence of symbols that never repeat, as well as certain symbols that always come in pairs.

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