Mega fortune


Mega Fortune online is a casino game based on the world famous Wheel of Fortune game. In the game, a lucky person gets a list of three things he wants to get and the person has to find out and guess what those things are before he gets them. If the person gets them right, he gets that item and gets another three things from the list. If he gets them wrong, then he loses his money.

Now, lets be totally honest here do we really want to win such a game? Just imagine all the things which would be available to us if we had some money and no restrictions as to what we could spend it on? It would be a lot easier and more fun to build up savings for an emergency need or to go on a vacation, right? The Mega Fortune online game makes you think like this and it makes you wish that you won big jackpots in the real world. Well, Mega Fortune does allow you to win big, but only if you play the right way and do not forget to check your lucky list.

Unlike most online gambling games, Mega Fortune actually has some major and minor jackpots. For example, the main feature of Mega Fortune is its progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpots increase every time the player plays and adds up to a much larger amount. The progressive jackpots are also known as the “big jackpot” due to the fact that they are the largest in terms of total prize money.

Now, what makes Mega Fortune slot machine so unique is that it incorporates a “five reels” system into its betting pattern. This means that when the player enters the game he will have to choose one of the five reels and place a bet on it. Once the player wins a jackpot amount from his first bet, he may then choose another bet in a series of five, which will increase the chances of winning even more. When the player wins the jackpot he becomes the new owner and will get the amount posted next to his name. There are three major jackpots in Mega Fortune slot machine; the Mega Millions, the Mega Fortune five-reel and the Mega Fortune four-reel. In terms of amounts, each of these has a maximum pay out of one hundred thousand dollars.

Mega Fortune also has a host of other features like a welcome bonus and unit slots. The welcome bonus basically comes in handy if you are a new player. As you progress through the levels of the game, the welcome bonus will help you a lot as you will be provided with free reels to practice on and will enable you to win free bonuses. Some of these bonuses may include upgrade to better machines, gift vouchers and premium slots.

Each of the games comes with its own reels symbols. These symbols identify where a particular reel is and how much you will get from it once you win that particular reel. If you happen to hit the wrong symbol or you stop playing, the game will end. Some of the symbols are also used to tell the difference between the regular machines and the bonus slots.

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