Robin of sherwood



Robin Of Sherwood is a unique online casino game with a very exciting concept. This is a simple flash casino game which is similar to many of the other flash casino games including: FarmVille, Freecell, Monopoly, and Scrabble. The game itself is set in a traditional English countryside village and is played by a young boy. The overall graphics and animations of this game are quite impressive, nothing expected anything less from Microgaming/ Rabcat.

In addition to the graphics, sound, and graphic novelty, the way in which the payments are received and processed is quite impressive as well. In the bottom left corner of your screen there is a box with four rectangular red icons. On this icon are two circles with a plus sign between them. Whenever you click on either of these, the points for your money add up. The graphics and sounds are top notch, and after reading through the user’s forum I noticed that there was only one person who had experienced any problems with the payments, and he had claimed that his card was stolen, but the details were too old to make it work out.

In addition to the graphics and colors of the icon on the bottom right corner of your screen, another exciting feature of the game is the ability to play a simulation of a full game. When you click on the icon of a game that you wish to play, the game will load up and show you how you will be able to land three coins on each of the five squares of land shown. These coins are green in color, and when they touch either of the circles they will add up to your score. There are also a total of ten free spins which you earn points for whenever you use a symbol or a skill in the game. The game ends when you run out of lives or when all of the spins have been used up.

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