When will The Commuter (2018) Be On Netflix?

We are getting amazing movie in 2018, After Black Panther, The Greatest Showman and now The Commuter is making an impact in the Hollywood industry. The Commuter was released in 11th January 2018, however many people have missed to watch in the big screen and many wanted to watch it again Netflix.

What is The Commuter is all about?

The Commuter is mystery/drama that depicts the story of a investment banker named Michael who live happily with Wife and his son. However he got into a situation where he was challenged by a women to complete a task. His life is now in danger if he didn’t complete the task on time.

The Commuter received above average rating by the fans and people started searching “When The Commuter will be on Netflix?

Will The Commuter Be Added to Netflix?

As the movie is in demand by the Netflix subscribers, it is likely that it will be released on Netflix. Now the question arises when it will be released?

To answer when it will be on Netflix then we have to look at Netflix from a business perspective. In order to Netflix to stream any movie, Netflix have to pay a royalty fee to the producers of the movie. Surely the fee will be high for commuter. If we had to predict the release date of The Commuter on Netflix we can say that it will be release by August 15th, 2019.