When will ‘The Flash’ Season 4 Episode 17 be Out? Spoilers and Plot

The upcoming episode of The Flash season will be going to release on 10 April, 2018. The title of the episode is Null and Annoyed. 

The Flash Season 4 Episode 17 will continue to search for the remaining bus metas that threatens the Central City. We will see Barry Allen’s attempt to capture an on-the-loose meta human that uses his power to steal. The Flash will probably need another hero to complete the job.

According to the official synopsis of “The Flash” season 4 episode 17, Barry will team up with Ralph Dibny (guest star Hartley Sawyer), also known as the Elongated Man, to confront a bunch of bus metas that are causing trouble in the metropolis. It looks like the new enemy has some extraordinary power to control gravitational force as the promo trailer shows The Flash in danger of falling to his death.

The Flash and the Elongated Man joining forces to take down all the remaining bus metas in town sound like a good idea, but in episode 17, the viewers could see tension brewing between the two as Barry will not like Ralph’s lack of concern.